Sunday, July 29, 2012

Glacier National Park Encore

We traveled into Glacier National Park again today for a half day.  We then hit all of the gift shops in Apgar Village in Glacier, in Hungry Horse, and in Columbia Falls.  Debbie spent a lot of time shopping, while I used most of the "man chairs."  To my surprise, she didn't buy anything, no huckleberry jam, no t-shirts, no jewelry!  You feelin' okay honey?  We also added another state to our RV map, Montana.  That's 17 states in 17 months.

Not snowfall, another melting glacier
Pinchot Mountain
Across the lake is Many Glacier Lodge
Natures Majesty
                                                                              Click to view the mountain stream                  
They still have pay phones, but not a booth!

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