Friday, June 26, 2015

Lansing Michigan

Hey, here we are in Lansing Michigan, their state capitol.   The place we visited to day along with Michigan State College and of course their famous Dairy Store.   We took a tour of the city which I did take some pictures showing a few places.

Now I bet you can not guess the name of the Michigan States foot ball team is............
The Lug Nuts
And on top of one of the cell towers is a lug nut.   Since this is a motor city they said it 
was appropriate...

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Detroit Motown

Well, today started out to be a early day.  Awaken by the sounds of tornado sirens.  Yes, tornado sirens.  Here we go again.  When Vince and I started our full time adventure we spent a lot of time in campground bathrooms or heading in opposite directions to which a tornado was headed.  I stayed in the showers with other people until 3 am until the tornado sirens stopped and the weather slowed down enough to get back to my RV.  Well, I should of known that all the water would be around your RV and steps.  6 inches deep to be exact so I take my shoes off to walk the walk back to the RV.  Now it is after 3 am when I get back into my dry bed and now I still have to listen to my weather radio telling me that there are still strong winds and rain in the are.  Yes, I left it on could not turn it off afraid I would miss the warnings it gave.  Well, finally around 4 am I fell asleep to have to be up and ready to go at 7:45 am.
Well, today was a long but really fun day.  We were motor coached to the Ford Rouge Assembly Plant of the F150 Trucks.   The Coney Island restaurant, the famous Motown Museum and a tour of downtown Detroit with a stop at the General Motors Corp offices.
Ford Motor Assembly Plant

 Coney Island Restaurant

Motown Museum.... Awesome

 Comerica Baseball Field Home of the Detroit Tigers

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Ohio Visit

Today I am leaving my temporary home in Medina, Ohio to hook up with the RV caravan that I will be traveling with for 32 days in the state of Michigan.  It is always a happy sad day to leave a place that you have spent with family and friends.  I have been able to spend time with my family eating foods of my childhood, getting to spend time with 2nd generation cousins that I really did not have the privileged to know very well before this visit.   Getting to see your old neighborhood and have lunch with classmates you spent many years with learning how to grow up.  Getting to spend time just bumming around with friends going to Amish country and eating food of that culture   Yes, bittersweet, but now on to the next journey in Michigan for 32 days.
                                               Family tradition bacon fry
                                                       High School hang out
                                            My child hood friend
                                               Our back yard of our old house on Stafford Dr.