Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Casola Family visit the ranch

Debbie is recovering well, three weeks after surgery.  We have been doing the 20 exercises twice a day, which poops her out for a while.  We are now off the walker and walking with a cane.  Yesterday we walked from the house, out to the front gate and back, about 1/4 mile.  Slowly Debbie is getting there.  This weekend, the Casola Family came to visit us.  Sergio and Angelina had a great time feeding and petting the animals here on the ranch.  We also taught Sergio how to open and close the gates, which was less work for me.  The kids fed carrots to the sheep, donkeys, goats and horses, fed two weeks of our garbage(that we saved in the fridge) to the pigs and piglets, got to pet the dogs and just had a great time.  We had lunch and celebrated my birthday with some chocolate cake.
Angelina helping Aunt Debbie cook the burgers
Sergio opening the first of many gates
Angelina and Sergio get to ride on the toolbox while the adults ride inside
Angelina feeds Hannah and Delilah
Sergio got to feed the sheep
Angelina fed Kelly and Mackenzie
They got to feed a goat
They dump the garbage to the waiting pigs
Even Mama Marlo got into the act