Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July - Bothell, Washington

We arrived in Bothell, just 8 miles east of Seattle on the 3rd and are staying at Lake Pleasant RV Park.  The sun finally came out on the 4th and it was a glorious day.  We went to the Bothell Children's parade , followed by the Bothell Grand parade.  Two and a half hours of parade.  We had lunch and rested for a couple of hours and then drove over to nearby Evergreen Speedway at the Washington State Fairgrounds in Monroe.  Unique racing at its best.  We saw 4-cylinder bombers, hobby stocks, sportsman, mini stock figure 8, supercharged extreme V-8 winged figure 8 racing, cars pulling a boat race (which ends up with all of the boats destroyed) a truck demolition derby, followed by a car demolition derby.  If that wasn't enough, Mr. Dizzy was there to drive a bus up a ramp, flip it over and land on a bed of junk cars and a guy driving a car on two wheels.  If that wasn't enough, the evening ended with what Debbie said was, "the best fireworks display ever."   Wow, it sure was a full and great 4th of July.

Our campsite
Lake Pleasant
Parade Princess's
Trader Joe's Surfers (Trader Joe's is our favorite market}
University of Washington's Husky Mascot
Chicken Little
Bothell's antique fire truck
The military was well represented
                                                            Pirates firing a cannon

                                                            The X-Box players band
                                                            Mr. Dizzy's wild ride
                                                             Truck Demo Derby             
Boat Racing
Car Demo Derby

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