Friday, May 31, 2013

Debbie's 2nd Hip operation

We're still in Webster on the ranch and took a trip up to Homosassa Riverside Resort   We had some great seafood at the Monkey Bar, while sitting on the upper deck, overlooking the water.  There is also Monkey Island, a couple hundred square feet, just behind the restaurant and is full of monkeys fed and cared for by the restauranteurs.  That was our last special day out before Debbie went in on May 20th for her 2nd hip surgery.  We are home now and Debbie is suffering a lot more this time than with the first operation.  Only time and plenty of home physical therapy will get her back to her old self.   The highlight of Debbie's day is feeding the 13 geese that visit us daily.                                               

Debbie across from Monkey Island
Still using the walker!
13 Geese ( 2 Moms, 1 Dad and 10 goslings)