Monday, July 16, 2012

Aplets & Cotlets

Today we drove to Cashmere, Washington to the famous Liberty Orchards, makers of Aplets & Cotlets and many other candy products.  They specialize in what is known as Turkish Delights, most have a mixture of fruits, walnuts, sugar, and powdered sugar.  If you don't remember them, they are semi-soft little rectangles with fruit and nuts inside and their trademark powdered sugar outer coat. 
Aplets is for Apples and Cotlets is for Apricots. is where you can order them. They started with apples, branched out to apricots and now use peaches, and every berry you can think of.  We took a 15 minute tour and gorged ourselves on the free samples before and after the tour.  We also purchased a few boxes, of course.

Debbie preparing to enter and taste the Turkish Delights
Vats cooking up the syrup
The line begins
Hand sorting & filling trays of candy
Today's run
I've already overdosed on samples prior to the tour
"I'm ready for more samples."
                                                                           packing and sorting the candy                   

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