Thursday, March 31, 2016

Alexandria, Lake Charles and Lafayette, Lousiana

We sure have been kept busy with all the things to see in the last 4 cities.  We have been to a Coke Museum, Landry Vineyards for some great wine tasting and of course a tour of the winery.  We have toured a Mardi Gras Museum and was given a taste and demonstration of King Cakes.  You know the one they bake a small plastic baby into the cake and if you are lucky to get it in your slice of cake you get to through the next party and buy the King Cake.   We have eaten a lot of food in the last few days.  I have learned how to eat Crawfish.  No, I do not suck the juice out of the head.  Boudin Balls, now these are delicious.  Pulled pork, cooked rice, jalapeno peppers diced if want and seasoning.   Rolled into balls breaded and deep fried for a few minutes.  Wow these are great.  The best for last, Cracklin... 

We also visited a one man Rum Distillery, Tabasco Factory, Rip Van Winkle house and gardens and the Konriko Rice Mill Company.   So, sit back and scroll through the pictures as we crawl across Louisiana.


We also had a great treat to meet Mr Martin the only Cajun Accordion maker in Louisiana.  They are very famous in Louisiana.  Joel Martin the grandson is 20 something and is a icon for his playing of the Cajun accordion.   Now we had a hoe down at 8 am great music and great information.  

Well tomorrow is a travel day to Baton Rouge for 3 days so stay tune for the next chapter of the Cajun Crawl.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Thursday March 17th we traveled to Shreveport.  Not a bad drive only 72 miles from Natchitoches.   We again boarded a motor coach to travel the city in.  We went to an animal farm which features Alligators.  For me it was not that exciting due to alligators are so plentiful in Florida but, the rest of the animals were pretty cool.  We then toured Mardi Gras Museum, old theater and of course an mall.

Cajun Crawl

Well it has been six months since we  (Vince in is own RV) have done any traveling.  So on the road again, which is also our theme song we use to play as we would pull out of the campground loud and sing.  I am doing another caravan with 22 other RV rigs.  We are crawling across Louisiana, site seeing and eating the food of the area.  There has been a lot of rain and flooding here so some of the areas we are visiting have been closed.   We started out in Natchitoches pronounced Nak-a-tish.  Yep exactly what I said uh?.   
Our first day we toured the city on a motor coach visiting the Historic District, plantations, churches and the filming of Steel Magnolia.  We saw the houses used and the home of the writer, which his family was the bases for the movie.  Here are some of the pictures I took.  Tomorrow we travel to Shreveport.