Thursday, July 5, 2012

Seattle, Washington

The best way to describe Seattle is crowded, expensive, bottle-necked, traffic jammed streets, lacking of parking, narrow streets, too many one-way streets, and it needs a good cleaning.  We ate lunch at Voula's Offshore Grill, as seen on Food Network's Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.  A we agree, it sure was a dive!  We then went to Seattle's Pike Place Public Market, but the only park we found was 6 long blocks away.  Poor Debbie was really hurting after walking the 6 uphill blocks, so much in pain that we only shopped 1/10 of the market.  We did see guys at the fish market taking orders and throwing fish to the guys behind the counter.  Then, a slow agonizing trip back to the truck.  Parking lots are $24.00 for up to 10 hours.  The heck with that price, we used Deb's handicap placard at a meter and paid nothing!  We did walk past a Ferris wheel on the way back to the car, but didn't take a ride. We went to the Space Needle to go up to the top, but $24.00 parking and $19.99 each to ride the elevator was too much.  We had planned two more days there, but gave up on that idea.


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