Monday, August 12, 2013

Testing the RV

After 7 months sitting in the pasture, next to the barn, we had to take the RV out for a test run.  We leave on our next adventure in September, so a check of all systems was necessary.  We decided to go out for 6 days in North Florida, 4 days in Mayo and 2 days in Chattahoochee.  Well, on the way to Mayo we had a flat tire.  It was totally shredded.  No damage to the RV.  Good Sam Road Service came and changed the tire.  Later we replaced all 4 tires on the RV.  At our first campground, we had a hard time putting out the awning, as the spring in the end of it (opposite the drive motor) was going bad.  So we called Camping World in Midway, near Tallahassee and set up an appointment for repairs.  While there we asked them to check the rear stabilizer jacks as they were noisy going down.  While camping the first night, our surge protector, that we bought the week before, worked for two hours then blew up.  But that is under warranty, so we got a new one.  So, our RV is in Tallahassee, we're back  on the ranch in Webster, 245 miles away.  We hope to go to pick it up next week.  When it rains, it pours.  We did this dry run for that reason, to check everything and get the problems fixed, as this year we will be in the Northwest and in Vancouver, British Columbia.
Not a happy camper