Friday, June 14, 2013

The Butler family visit the ranch

Our Nephew Brian Butler, his wife Terasia, and daughter Neveah, came to visit us at the ranch.  We had time to reminisce and take Neveah for a tour of the ranch.  She got to feed the geese, cows, donkeys, pigs, goats, sheep and horses, and pet the dogs.  Neveah was so excited, as she got to pet the newest addition to the ranch, a 6 day old baby lamb. We also went next door to see Uncle Ernie and Aunt Kim.  Neveah's cousin Zakkary was there visiting his grandparents.  We also spotted an alligator in the back pond, he'll meet with his demise later today.
Nevaeh feeding Hannah
Neveah with Aunt Debbie feeding a goat
Neveah poses with Ober, one of the Whippet show dogs

Debbie and Neveah see Aunt Kim hold the new baby lamb
Debbie, Jessie returning from a workout, Brian, Neveah and Teraisa

Neveah gives Zakkary a push to get his motorcycle jump started
Nevaeh explains something to Aunt Debbie, her Mom & Dad and to Uncle Ernie

Debbie and Terasia at the ranch's trademark sign (Ernie has a wife and 3 daughters, hence the ranch's name)

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Two days at the pool

Saturday, June 1st-Day # 1 at the pool.
Here on the ranch, the new property that was purchased came with the 5 bedroom house that we live in, with a pool on this 20 acres. Debbie's brother Ernie (aka Sonny) and his wife Kim, who live across the pasture on the original ranch, along with their youngest daughter Jessie, came over for a swim.  We were later joined by their oldest daughter, Tiffany and our great nephew Zakkary and their dog Guinness.  The pool is up to 85 degrees and we had a great time.  The 13 geese and the roaming cat saw us, so they came for a visit.
Zakkary with his Aunt Jessie
Tiffany, Guinness, Kim and Sonny
It's time for Zakkary to head home to Orlando
The geese and their goslings get a drink
The ranch cat

Sunday, June 2nd, day # 2 at the pool
I got Debbie down the steps and she was able to sit on a pillow at the pool.  She can't get her incision wet, so she only got her legs and feet in the water.  It was near 90 degrees today and the pool felt good.