Friday, July 6, 2012

Boeing Tour and Whidbey Island

The best way to describe the Boeing plant tour in Everett is Outstanding, First Class, Massive, Amazing and Wow!  The 90 minute tour took us through the largest building by volume on Earth.  At 42 million square feet, it was massive.  35,000 people work at this facility and 19,000 of them are just in this one building.  There must have been 50 airplanes being built today just in this building.  This building could fit 11 Empire State buildings inside it, or the entire Disney World with 12 acres or parking lots left over. Of course, no photos are allowed, due to trade secrets.  They make variations of the 727, 737, 747, 767, 777, and 787, whatever the customer wants.  The new Dreamliner (747-400) is the largest cargo plane on Earth. Current orders for all planes is 38,000 and only 3 go out the doors everyday at this plant.  There are several other plants.  Want to buy a 767?  The cost is 355 million and you will pay 1/3 when you order, 1/3 before it is painted with your logo, and the final 1/3 at completion. 
FACT:  A 747 passenger plane has 6,500 parts, 1,500 are rivets and fasteners.  A new 747-400 has only 2,500 parts because it's fuselage is not made of aluminum, it is made of carbon fiber.

Just a part of the largest building by volume on Earth
We saw planes made for at least 30 countries or companies
After the Boeing tour we took a ferry across the bay to Whidbey Island and visited 3 of the islands cities, Clinton, Langley, and Coupeville.  We ate a late lunch and did a lot of shopping.  It was a very nice afternoon.

A passing ferry (a sister to ours) with Mt. Rainier in the background
Deb squeezing out of the truck on the ferry
Deb enjoying the view
Me enjoying the bay view with a new friend
Coupeville Bay

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