Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bigfork & Polson, MT

We took a road trip along the east side of Flathead Lake, which is the largest natural fresh water lake east of the Mississippi.  We went to Polson and visited the Miracle of America Museum.  This place would take you several days to go through if you looked at or read most everything.  Everything here is made in America. I could show you 200 pictures of the museum (inside and out) the place is so huge.  Not bad for $5.00 admission.  We spent a couple of hours there before stopping at Steve's Video to trade some videos.  He got 18 of our previously viewed videos and in exchange we got to pick 6 that we hadn't seen, fair enough. We had lunch at Lakeside Bakery and drove up to look down at Kerr Dam.
We then drove to Bigfork, where we shopped the nicely done tourist area, had a nice dinner at Showthyme (Deb had the Salmon and I had the Lobster & Shrimp over linguine) and took in a play, Damn Yankees, at the Bigfork Playhouse.  They did an awesome job and we really enjoyed it. 

The soda fountain
Debbie looks at one of the Toy Collection rooms

The American made sleds, toboggans, and snowmobiles
The motorcycle room
One of the many military rooms
Do you remember gas at 19.1 cents a gallon?
The appliance room
USA made
Take a ride?
Helicopter and a town of every service you can think of
They have everything at the Miracle of America museum

Click to see School teacher Debbie ringing the school bell

Kerr Dam
The lake behind the dam
The crystal clear water of Flathead Lake
big and beautiful Flathead Lake
Quaint Bigfork, Montana

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