Friday, July 20, 2012

Sun Lakes/Dry Falls RV Resort, Coulee City, WA.

We are staying outside Coulee City, 30 miles south of Grand Coulee at Sun Lakes RV Resort, inside of Sun Lakes/Dry Falls state park.  This is an amazing area.  Steep basalt walls and the Dry Falls.
Fact:  12,000 years ago this was the largest waterfall on Earth.  Melting glaciers melted, refroze and melted again at least 35 times during and after the ice age. 

Deb at our campsite, on the way to the pool
The view in front of our RV
See our RV, its in the right lower corner.  Nice view from above.
Dry Falls today
Artist dentition of what it looked like 12,000 years ago
We are awed by the views around here, just awesome
Natural arches
On the road from Coulee City to Grand Coulee

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