Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Today we took the ferry to Alcatraz Island for a tour.  It was an audio tour that walked you through the entire prison and told you all about the prisoners, the cells, the escapee attempts and the guards.  We also learned about the privileges that they got if they were good and the solitary confinement when they broke the rules.  We do know that they ate very well, got 3 packs of Wings cigarettes a week, but never received any packages sent to them.  They could have one visitor a month if they behaved.  The island started as a fort to protect the entrance to the bay and later was turned into a federal prison, which closed in 1963 by then Attorney General Robert Kennedy.

Arriving at "The Rock"
Guard towers overlooked the bay
A typical cell
One of three main corridors in the main section
Inmates spoke with your visitors through this secure window
The Prison Guards Control Office
I was a bad boy
The view from Alcatraz that inmates never saw
Debbie listening to the audio tour

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