Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lassen Volcanic National Park

We are in Chester, California for just 2 days at the Northshore RV Park on beautiful Lake Almanor.  We're here just to visit Lassen Volcanic National Park.  There are three entrances into the park and none are fully opened yet because of the snow.  They have be plowing for a month and have at least another month to open the entire park. The park usually gets between 31 and 44 feet of snow a year.  They've plowed only 7 of the 22 miles coming in the south entrance, where were today, but we saw some great sites of the numerous silent volcanoes.  The road led us up 8,200 feet in elevation.  We stopped to see some hydrothermal openings, venting sulfuric smelling steam and also a bubbling mud pot.  The 2 lane road has no guardrails, which can be quite scary, especially when going around blind turns.  Of course we had a snowball fight up near the top.  You can see below, how high some of the snow was. We also saw our first bald eagle today, but did not get a photo.

Our wooded campsite at Northwoods RV Park on Lake Almanor
Lake Almanor
Our first glimpse of Mt. Lassen

Debbie preparing for a yet another snowball fight

    Brokeoff Mountain

                                                            A Boiling mudpot video 
                                                         Another mudpot & snow runoff
Natures beauty near our campsite

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