Monday, April 30, 2012

Mare Island Naval Shipyard, Vallejo, CA.

Today we visited the Mare Island Shipyard and their museum in Vallejo, California.  California became a state in 1852 and Mare Island was founded in 1854 as a port to do business with the Orient and Far West.  Admiral David Farragut was put in charge and construction began.  The port grew and during WWII, the workers at Mare Island built 392 ships and 16 submarines.  They also repaired 4000 damaged vessels.  During WWII, 44,000 people were employed at Mare Island Naval Shipyard. We visit the oldest Naval chapel west of Annapolis, Maryland, St. Peters.  It had the most beautiful stained glass windows that we ever saw.  We also visited the home that was built for the Admiral in charge of the base.  The base was closed in 1970, but the property now houses lots of businesses, including Lennar Homes which is developing the property with new homes.

A repair drydock
One of two slides where ships were christened and set sail
The Admiral's Home
St. Peter's Chapel
The Alter
The rear stained glass windows
Put Debbie to work!

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