Friday, May 11, 2012


Eureka!  Yes, that is the name of the city we are visiting this week.  Eureka was shouted by by gold panhandlers when they found gold.  Eureka means "I found it."  This city is on Humboldt Bay and is a fishing port.  We visited the Fisherman's Memorial today, a giant metal sculpture of a fisherman in a small boat, and the memorial, which has at least 50 names of fisherman from this community who died while fishing.  Half of those fisherman were never recovered, as they either went down with their ships, or fell overboard. We also went to the north jetty and watched a freighter come in and we watched surfers in the 47 degree water.  We also went to the Carson Mansion, owned by Lumber Baron William Carson.  When times were tough in the lumber business, he brought his workers to his home to make it bigger, more majestic, but most importantly, to keep them busy and getting paid during slow times.  Today it's a private businessman's club.

Carson Mansion
Debbie with some beautiful flowers
                                                                 Video of the Bay                                        

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