Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Avenue of the Giants

After arriving in Eureka, California, we set up camp and took a drive south to the northern entrance of the Avenue of the Giants.  The avenue is 32 miles of single lane road with thousands of redwood trees lining the winding roads and within sight of the road.  Many of the giant redwoods have been through many forest fires, but due to their thick bark, they live on and continue to grow.  We stopped along the way and took a half mile loop trail into the woods.  It was cool, temperatures in the 50's, but about 70 when you got out in the open.  These massive, tall redwoods are quite a site, not to be missed when in this part of California.

Debbie on the trail at a big redwood
One tall tree
Relaxing in a redwood log
Debbie on the trail
Inside a live and thriving giant burned out redwood
                                                    Driving down the Avenue of the Giants

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