Thursday, September 20, 2012

La Ventana Natural Arch

We took a drive back into El Malpais National Monument today, this time down the west side.  We stopped and took the trail to La Ventana Natural Arch.  Then we drove up a dirt road to the top of the Sandstone Overlook.  You could see for many miles. On the way back to our campground, we stopped by the 1937-1939 homestead of the Garrett family, which is about 20 miles from the closes city, Grants. There were two Park Rangers there restoring the mortar (dirt & mud) between the remaining adobe walls.  They are not rebuilding the house, just fixing up what is still there. 
Ranger Batik told us about the homesteaders in the area and harsh climate they encountered.  While speaking he said that he was originally from Ohio.  So, since Debbie is from Elyria, Ohio, we asked him where he was from.  He is also from Elyria, Ohio and graduated Elyria High School too, but 15 years after Debbie. His father also worked in the U.S. Steel Mill too, just like Debbie's father.  Small world!

La Ventana Natural Arch
The 1937-1939 Garrett Homestead

Miles of high desert

A view from La Ventana Natural Arch

Can you see the Horned Lizard?

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