Saturday, September 15, 2012

Bandelier National Monument, New Mexico

We arrived in Espanola, New Mexico after skipping past Taos due to the truck being in the shop for 4 days.  But, bad luck followed us here.  When we set up, out hot water heater didn't work, another repair needed.  So, Monday or Tuesday we have to find a shop to get the heater repaired.  This is the 3rd hot water heater repair in 13 months.
We spent Saturday at Bandelier National Monument.  Here are cliff dwellings inside the rocks.  After centuries of eruptions of a nearby volcano, the lava solidified, but there were air bubbles inside.  As water erosion  brought down some of the rock walls, the air bubbles became visible.  The Indians used many of the bubbles as homes,  Some that we saw were 15 X 15 and 7 feet high.  Ladders were used to reach them.  They also built some adobe buildings, some with hundreds of rooms as small as 6 X 6.  We had a strenuous climb in several places, but it was worth it.

One of the adobes built into the wall at Bandelier

A Kiva, a ceremonial circular pit used for various events

This circular area had nearly 200 rooms that you entered each room from the roof via a ladder

Debbie climbing down a ladder after exploring a room

Me coming out of a large room

Another adobe built on a wall and using the cave behind it
Only the larger holes were used as homes
This coyote passed us on the trail

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