Monday, September 3, 2012

Air Force Academy & Old Time Baseball

On Labor Day we visited the Air Force Academy, but we were very limited on what we could see.  We visited Falcon Stadium, but could not gain entrance. We went to the Visitors Center and saw a 6 minute silent movie (just video) about the Air Force Academy, and we did get to go into the chapel.

Falcon Stadium

The Parade Ground surrounded by dormitories

The Air Force Academy Chapel

Debbie inside the chapel

The Alter


This B-52D Specs
After the short AFA tour, we went to Rock Ledge Ranch Historic site to see an 1880's style baseball game.  The players included a woman on each team, the players wore no baseball gloves, and if a fly ball only bounced once, and a player caught it, that was an out.  Also, if the crowd argued with the one umpire long enough, he just might change his ruling!  During the game, a convict in prison garb ran onto the field, followed by the sheriff.  He was arrested for stealing a chicken.  Abe Lincoln was also there at the game and after speaking with the convict, let both he and the sheriff settle their differences by going to bat.  Who ever did best at bat, got his way.  They both stuck out, so the convict went back to jail.  Between innings a band played 1880's music. During the last inning a group of woman sufferagettes invaded the field to protest not having the right to vote. 

The visiting team's bench

The visiting teams left fielder

The hometeams third baseman

Its a hit!

The sheriff grabs the convict

Abe Lincoln visits, and sits with the home team

The ladies interupt the game

A home run into the bushes

Two deer visit our campsite

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