Saturday, September 8, 2012

El Paso County Pioneers Museum

The old El Paso County Courthouse in Colorado Springs has been turned into a museum that occupies the entire building.   Three floors of artifacts about El Paso County and what has happened here in the past 170 years.  Unlike my hometown of Kingston, New York that was settled in 1620, it took the pioneers another 200 years to get out to Colorado and to build communities.  They have a large collection of pioneer and Indian artifacts, as well as items up to thre present.  We also got to ride the old fashion elevator from the 1890 era.

Debbie in the 1890 era elevator
How long would it take to adorn a hide dress with a million beads?

Beautiful Indian Moccasins
The Court Room at the old El Paso County Courthouse

The Charles Russel painting of Indians and the Buffalo
A very large collection of Brigger Pottery


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