Sunday, June 24, 2012

Portland's Japanese Gardens

Antique 5 tiered stone pagoda given to Portland by its sister city Sapporo Japan. 
The Cranes symbolize longevity
Debbie on the Moon Bridge
The Sand and Stone Garden features the stark simplicity of weathered stones rising from a bed of sand raked to suggest the sea.  This garden is typically found in Zen Monasteries.
The Poetry Stone is inscribed with Haiku ( traditional Japanese poem) and it reads, "Here, miles from Japan, I stand as if warmed by the spring sunshine of home."

Portland is known as "The City of Roses" and after our visit to the Japanese garden, we went next door to the Portland Rose Garden.  They have several hundred varieties of roses.
Finally, for those TV fans of "Little People, Big World," we stopped by Roloff Farms sign.  We did not take the $300.00 tour, just stood Debbie by the sign. :-)                                                                                 

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