Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mount St. Helens, Washington

In 1980 Mt. St. Helen's started to expand.  In April 1980 it was noticed by the National Geographic Survey that the north side was bulging by 5 to 9 feet a day.  Roads were closed, people were evacuated and on June 20, 1980 it exploded.  Fifty -six people were killed and the landscape was changed forever.  Trees were knocked over or broken for 17 miles.  Some lakes disappeared and some new lakes were formed.  32 years later the devastation is still there.  The wide path of the mud flow still remains.  One-third of the mountain blew away.  Since then, a dome has been building and as of today, has grown about 1000 feet.
We visited on a day when the clouds rolled in just as we were arriving.  By the time we got out of the truck, the mountain was covered in clouds and it was misting.

Trees ripped apart in seconds
17 miles of trees on their sides
Trees knocked over and covered by a mudslide
The path of the hot mud is still here 32 years later
Lakes disappeared and only a stream, mud and ash remain
This is Bigfoot country!

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