Monday, June 11, 2012

Cottage Grove, Oregon

We are in Cottage Grove, Oregon at another one of those great Corp of Engineers (COE) campgrounds.  We are right on the lake, above the dam and have a beautiful site, right on the lake.  We like the COE campgrounds because they are beautiful and cheap, $8.00 a night for us seniors. We arrived yesterday afternoon and today we visited 5 covered bridges and walked over a swinging bridge.  Then we drove into Eugene for lunch, and a peek at Autzen Stadium, home of the Oregon Ducks.  Then it was on to Onsen Spas for an hour soak.  Finally, we stopped at the famous Voodoo Donuts.  Debbie had a long john with maple frosting and I had a glazed donut topped with chocolate, Oreos, and peanut butter. Voodoo Donuts motto: "The Magic is in the Hole", and they say "Great Things come in Pink Boxes." Yummy!  Tomorrow we are just gonna lay around and relax, enjoy the lake and wildlife, before heading east to the coast and 5 days at Florence, Oregon.  Finally, we had great sunsets every night while here in Cottage Grove and here are two of them.

Our campsite in the tall pines
The view from our campsite
Inside Chambers Railroad Bridge
Mosby Bridge
Mosby Bridge
Centennial Covered Bridge
Autzen Stadium
Debbie outside Voodoo Donuts
Debbie with the donuts
Debbie preparing to cross the swinging bridge, "No shaking the bridge Vince."
Sunset at our campfire
Time to relax
Chef Debbie in her jammies, making toast, eggs and ham for breakfast

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