Saturday, June 2, 2012

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

We are staying at Diamond Lake, only 7 miles from the north entrance to the park, but that entrance is closed due to snow.  Last year, Crater Lake got 653 inches of snow, this year they are over 500 and it can still snow until early July.  So, only the south entrance is open, 63 miles from our campsite.  There are 4 entrances and the south is the only one open.  Snow plows started removing snow on April 1st and only a small fraction of the roads are open.  They usually finish in July.  In some areas drifts were 60 feet high!  We trekked up to the Visitors Center and watched two videos about snow removal and the parks history.  As with many places in the west, this was sacred Indian land.  We got up to the only open lodge and got some great views of the lake.  We took a side road, deep into the woods to walk a trail to see National Creek Falls, and had a picnic. A deer came so close to our truck, we could hardly believe it.  The chipmunks are well represented here ant our campsite and they beg for food.  Please note:  The 2nd picture below of the Lake; the lake is so clear that what you see is not ice on the water, it is a reflection of the clouds in the sky!

Debbie at the Visitors Center
The reflection of the crater walls and the clouds in the sky above
The snowbank in the foreground and the lake beyond
Wizard Island gets it's name because it looked like a wizards hat
A beautiful waterfall
Debbie finishing up our picnic in the woods
Our new friend, the begging chipmunk

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