Sunday, April 29, 2012

Reiff's Garage, Woodland, Ca.

While in Sacramento, we stopped by Reiff's Garage.  It is Mr. Reiff's house that he turned into a combination home, gas station, diner, garage, and patio bar.  We also got invited into his home, which is also filled with gas station memorabilia, but I did not take photos in the house.  You'll love this.

Mr. Reiff outside the front of the house
The diner, to the left of the front of the house
A '55 Oldsmobile in the side of the house & a plane in the roof
The backyard bar
An amazed Debbie looks out at the backyard
The backyard
Four of over 50 restored gas pumps
The garage and Mr. Reiff's Corvette
A very rare restored sign

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