Sunday, April 22, 2012

Whale Watch-Monterey, California

Today was a special day.  We left early and drove to Monterey to go on a whale watching cruise at 9 a.m.  It was 56 degrees when we left and the wind on the water made it feel at times like 20 degrees.  It was well worth it.  We got some great shots of humpback whales.  We also saw a few dolphins and lots of sea lions.  The video below is of a humpback whale, upside down, either knocking barnacles off it's tail or sending a message to other whales.  Researchers are not sure, but seagulls dove in and picked up debris.

                                                             Click to view the video

The humpback whale jumps out of the sea
The Humpback glides by
Slapping it's fluke
Sea lions on a buoy
Sea lions on a dock
Sea Wolf II
Debbie enjoying the ride back to the wharf

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