Friday, April 6, 2012

Robinson Helicopter & Paramount Ranch

Yesterday we took a tour of Robinson Helicopter in Torrance, California and then visited the famous Santa Monica Pier.  The tour at Robinson was very informative, it showed how they produce most every product in-house.  They purchase engines from two U.S. manufacturers,  Rolls Royce and Lycoming.  Yes, Rolls Royce builds them here in America. They make 2 and 4 seat models.  Photos could only be taken at the end of the tour, none inside the factory.

Santa Monica pier was loaded with tourists and vendors selling all the beach souverniers, 7 restaurants selling over-priced food and beggars galore.  The beach was also full, but nobody was swimming, just too cold.  I guess that the water temperature is in the 50's.

Today we went to the Paramount ranch, once owned by Paramount Studios, was the scene of hundreds of movies, mostly westerns, although I did see a photo of one set that was of a German town.  Today, all that is left is most of the western town.  The hotel is a large building, because inside is the sound stage with padded walls to keep out sounds from outside.  It was a nice walk and when I look at 1950's westerns, I'll look for these buildings.


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