Friday, April 13, 2012

Morro Bay and Hearst Castle, California

We are in Morro Bay for 5 days, right on the bay near the giant Morro Rock.  We arrived in the rain yesterday and only did a little grocery shopping in town.  Today we ventured to Publisher/ Millionaire William Randolph Hearst's Castle.  He inherited nearly a million acres from his father and the property they use to camp on is where he decided to build his home.  Hearst was 51 in 1919 when he started building that took 23 years to complete.  At the time he owned thirty newspapers, numerous radio stations, and owned the rights to numerous cartoons including Felix the Cat, Popeye, and many more.  At this time, gasoline was selling for 10 cents a gallon, and Hearst was making $50,000 a day.  Yes, 50,000 a day, so there was no budget.  He purchased art, statues, buildings, and parts of monasteries, old churches, and collectibles from throughout Europe.  The state of California now operates the Hearst Castle as a state park.  Our admission today for two tours, The Grand Rooms tour and the Upstairs tour was $100.00. We enjoyed every minute.

Morro Rock on the Pacific coast
Hearst Castle
The Dining Room
The Library has over 40,000 books
A Sitting Room

Mr. Hearst's Office entry, his desk is behind his portrait
Mr. Hearst's bedroom
Mrs. Hearst's bedroom
The outdoor pool

The indoor pool
A 500 year old Tapestry
Flags over the dining table represent different areas of Milan, Italy
One of hundreds of imported statues
Beautiful Gardens
Debbie with her back to the view of the Pacific

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