Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Munising, Michigan

Today is day 23/24 of our 32 day adventure.  We are staying in Wandering Wheels Campground.  This campground is a highly wooded park.  With trees and lots of rain you get mosquitoes that are 1 in long and bite like Hell.  I think they love the rain as they are still out as it is raining.  We were all warned to have bug spray but I did not know we needed something like Diesel Gas to keep them off of us.  The rain was so bad that our boat cruise to Picture Rocks was cancelled to the next day. Wouldn't you know that I was one of 7 that our electric went out for 2 days.  The guys helped me out and we found a 110 and did a step down so I at least had coffee and a few lights.  See traveling with a caravan you always have some help.
Before our boat cruise we were treated to a Pastie Dinner.  Pasties are a complete dinner in a pastry.
You can get chicken, beef or veggie.  They are made with diced potatoes, meat and little veggies and placed in a pastry molded like a small pot pie.  The history is that they were invented for the workers so they could hold the pastie with one hand and work with the other.    I guess the beginning of Fast Food......  

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