Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Mackinaw City/ Mackinaw Island

Today is July 15th day 25 of our 32 day adventure.  We are in Mackinaw City and Mackinaw Island.
I can not tell you how beautiful the island is and how pretty everything is with all the flowers they have through out the entire city and Island.  We had so much planed these 4 days that we were so glad that our 4th  day was a free day to do what we wanted.  Me I did laundry first thing in the morning so I could so some exploring and socializing later.  We were kept busy as our scheduled included a horse drawn carriage ride around the island, a hydro jet ferry over to the island, a Fort Mackinaw tour on the island and a free afternoon to explore and shop on our own.
Our two days we went to a lumberjack show, went to a lighthouse ( one of many on this trip),
went to a historic mill creek and had a wonderful campfire on the beach with smores.   Yes this place is truly  beautiful.

Now there is one thing that you need to do when you go over to Mackinaw Island is go to the Grand Hotel and eat their famous buffet lunch.  Yes is was "PRICEY" but it was once in a lifetime so what the heck.  The food was delicious and the tour of the hotel which was included in the buffet was awesome.  Hope you enjoyed the pictures and they really do not show the beauty of the island.
Oh, forgot to tell you that you can use any vehicles on the island everything is done with horses or bikes.   I guess they get there exercise that way but it has been a tradition since the beginning and it is not going to change.

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