Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Frankenmuth, Michigan

Well, here is is our last stop on our adventure.   Happy/Sad as we have had a wonderful time.
This city is molded after a German theme and has lots of flowers everywhere.  I did not take pictures as we were so busy but I did get a few on our river boat cruise.  We were there for 3 day with lots planned.  We went to one of the largest Christmas Wonderland stores in the world and yes I went crazy.  I actually bought me a pencil shaped Christmas tree for the RV.  It was on sale as it was last years model,,,,lololol   Did not know that trees had models.   Since it was July they call it Christmas in July,,  I am sure you have heard of that before,,,We then took our boat cruise and went to a Distillery.  For the people that know me you know that I am not a very good drinker.  Well, we were allowed 3 drinks of any thing.  There was wine, hard liquor.  Vodka, whiskey, bourbon, etc.  Well,
after 3 yes I was laughing.  Oh, yes I did buy some bottle as it is Happy Hour somewhere.    We visited a Military and Space Museum.  It was interesting but more of the military people's thing.
Our last day we had our farewell dinner family style.  We all had a wonderful time on this trip and all said that this group was one of the best.  I do have some pictures to show.  The next morning was our farewell breakfast and we all said our goodbyes and hugs and kisses.  I personally had a time of my life and I am looking forward to do more of the caravan traveling.

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  1. Debbie, I don't know if you remember us. We were getting acquainted when the driverless car came down the road at Golden Village in Hemet, CA. I hadn't checked your blog for a long time and was so saddened to hear that Vince passed away. I am so proud of you that you are forging on ahead with your travels. God bless you. Linda