Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Munising Michigan

Now this is a town that is really a sea town.   They have a paper mill in town which is where most of the town's people work and the others are fisherman.   This is a very busy town with lots of eateries, two grocery stores and LOTS of gas stations.  Hey, Diesel was 2.49 per gallon.  Oh yeah I filled up and so did everyone else.  This town I will remember as there were 7 of us that ended up with no electricity for 1 1/2 days.   We got all set up and settled in and the rain came pouring down for most of the day.  Now pictures this we are in the woods, dirt roads and it rains or terms we use in Florida it monsoons for 5 hours.  The temperature was dropping as fast as the rain was coming down and wait, yep you guessed it NO electric.  No lights, No TV,   NO COFFEE.... Most important.... so we are all wondering what happened since only 7 of us are without.  we are call our wagon master telling him what is happening.  Of course they have electric,,, so the temp is still dropping and now we are all wondering how much longer,,,,, well some of us had a  110 outlet in our electric box so we used a step down and got electric lights and TV  and COFFEE.   After 36 hours we finally got electric and everyone was happy.  Oh, just so you know the next morning the temp was 43 degrees.  I could see my breath.  Don't see that in Florida.

Well, we took a really nice 3 hour boat to see the Picture Rocks wow what a site.
We also went to the Logging Museum where we got to see some of the building the CCC constructed and tools used to log with.  We were then treated to some hot coffee and home made goodies.

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