Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Denver Fire Dept. Museum & Wild Bill Cody

On our last day in Denver we visited the Denver Fire Department Museum.  It is in the first fire house, built in 1909 in the City of Denver.  After today we are on the way to Colorado Springs for 11 days.

Opening Day of the Museum
The Museum today
1924 White
Another old engine
Once call boxes were installed, this was the main switchboard
A typical fireman's bed
The Kitchen
The Locker Room
The 1909 hook & ladder
Photos of the 16 Fire Chiefs
The new  chief?
Denver's fallen Firefighters
After lunch we drove to the top of Lookout Mountain to see the Wild Bill Cody Museum and grave site.   He took his traveling Wild West show all over the USA and Europe.  In fact, they visited Debbie's hometown of Elyria, Ohio once in 1912 and visited my hometown of Kingston, New York six times in 1899, 1900, 1907, 1908, 1909, and 1911.   Prior to his death, Bill Cody asked that he be buried atop Lookout Mountain, so that he could overlook Denver.  He is there with his wife Louise.
FACT: Wild Bill Cody was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his work as a scout for the US government.                                                                 
Wild Bill & Louise's graves
A view from the graves, Denver is in the far distance.
Wild Bill Cody
Wild Vince Pugliese
Not Annie Oakley, it is Debbie Pugliese


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