Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Nevada City, MT.

We are still in Alder, Montana, 9 miles from Virginia City and 7.5 miles from Nevada City.  On our last day in Montana we opted to go to Nevada City.  Afterwards we came back to Alder to each lunch at Chick's Bar & Motel. (which has a steakhouse/restaurant out back) This is the third time we've eaten lunch there, as the food is great, the prices are low, the place is very new looking, and the people are friendly.  Debbie told the waiter, "I'm gonna miss this place." 
At Nevada City, an old run down, almost a ghost town, we peeked into the windows of old buildings, and peered through the windows of a train shed to see an old steam engine that they are trying to restore.  They need $300,000 but only have $10,000 in donations so far!  The old Hotel/Saloon also rents old log cabins, with Star Bakery next door (the baked goods were very few and not appetizing, so we passed).  There is also a touristy "pan for gold" operation, we passed on that too.  In the old western movies, the sheriff told the bad guys to, "Get out of town before sunset", well we took the advise too.

Sunrise at our campground
Don't fool around here or the town vigilanties will get you
Main Street, Nevada City, Montana
Debbie at the Cheap Cash Store, forerunner of Dollar Tree!
A local home with sod roof
Some of the rental cabins
An old gold dregging machine
Debbie leaving the saloon on the way out of town
Sunset through the haze of the nearby Idaho wildfires

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