Saturday, August 11, 2012

Montana Wild West Fest

We spent our 4th day in Helena at the Wild West Fest in East Helena.  We voted for our favorite quilt, our favorite chili and our favorite car in the car show.  We saw an Indian demonstrating axe throwing, archery, and sword work.  We visited 3 chuckwagons and learned how they cook, listened to some music, visited the 2nd Calvary camp, an Indian village, took a ride on a horse drawn cart and did some shopping.  I purchased a wallet made of Buffalo hide.

The Kleffener Ranch Barn
Debbie deciding which quilt to vote for
We both voted for the white quilt on the right
The Chili tasting.  Debbie vote for # 5, I voted for # 7.
Some of the cars in the show
Debbie & I both voted for this '66 Chevy for Best in Show
An Assayer explaining his trade was very interesting
A Chuckwagon
Chuckwagon shenanigans
The Indian Chief and his drum
Debbie with the 2nd Calvary
The horse drawn car pulled by 2 Persherons
The Kleffener Farm House
                                                                           The Indian demonstrating sword work

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