Wednesday, August 10, 2011

We made it to California!

We will be spending the next ten or eleven months in California.  We will be in California until we head north in spring 2012 to Oregon and Washington. We arrived in Lodi today, set up, and immediately jumped in the pool.  Here is our set schedule until next spring. We will continue to update you on every place we visit, during our Cailfornia stay.

8/10/11-9/6/11          Flag City RV Resort                      Lodi, Ca.
9/7/11-9/11/11          Yosemite National Park                Mariposa, Ca.
9/12/11-9/15/11        Sequoia National Park                  Lodgepole, Ca.
9/16/11-9/17/11        Eastman Lake                               Raymond, Ca.
9/18/11-10/17/11      Parkway Lakes RV                        Morgan Hill, Ca.
10/18/11-11/1/11      Bakersfield RV Travel Park           Bakersfield, Ca.
11/2/11-4/2/12         Golden Palms Village RV Resort    Hemet, Ca.

California-our 14th state

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