Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sacramento, Day # 2 Capitol & Governor's Mansion

We visited Sacramento again, and this time we visited the State Capitol Building and the Governor's Mansion.  No Governor since Ronald Reagan has lived in this house since 1981.  Reagan moved out after three and a half months due to security reasons.  The mansion sits in the middle of a middle class neighborhood and across the street from a Clarion hotel.  Since then all of the governors have lived elsewhere.  Fact: Current Governor Jerry Brown lives in an apartment above P.F. Chang's restaurant!
The mansion, along with 70 other state parks will close later this year due to California's budget restrictions.  California, like many states is broke.

Dome over the rotunda
California's Capitol Building

Governor's Mansion
Dining Room

Governor's Bedroom
First Lady's bedroom
Sitting Room
Governor's Kitchen

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