Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lodi, California

We are still in Lodi for another 2 weeks, seeing the area and relaxing.  We did go to Fairfield on Saturday and went to an olive oil and vinegar tasting.  It's kind of like a wine tasting.  We learned a lot about the different quality of olive oils and the health factors.  We bought some white balsamic vinegar and some Olive oil with rosemary and pepper flakes inside.  We also went to the Tomato Festival in Fairfield.  They had more kind of tomatoes than we had ever imagined.  We got to taste lots of tomatoes, from yellow and green to purple and red.  Believe it or not, they varied in taste quite a bit.  They had lots of food and craft booths, as most fairs do.  The only thing we bought some zucchini bread. 
The past two Saturday nights we went to Stockton 99 Speedway and saw some great racing.  Each week they had different types of racing. We always enjoy going to a good race.
This week we plan to go to Sacramento to see the State Capitol and various tourist sites around the city. We also plan to go back to Fairfield to tour the Jelly Belly jelly bean plant. (free samples!)


Old cars from 1930-1950
4 cylinder cars

Motorcycle ride for Autism charity

Legend Cars
Ford Focus Midgets


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