Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bordertown & Pyramid Lake, Nevada

August 3-9.  We are at the Bordertown Casino and RV Park, fifteen miles north of Reno for a week before heading about 100 feet into California.  On our first day here we set up camp, went to the casino to have dinner and gamble.  The spaghetti dinner for $2.99 was my choice and Debbie had enchiladas. Debbie gambled $5.00 and lost it all, while I watched. We'll update you later this week, after we see Reno, Lake Tahoe, Virginia City, and the capital of Nevada, Carson City.
About 50 miles before we got to Reno, we stopped for lunch at a rest area on I-80.  There was a plaque there with info about the area.  The pioneers heading west in their wagons said of this 80 mile stretch (40 miles before and after this rest area) it was like "traveling through hell."  It is said that 1,061 mules, 5,000 horses, and 3,750 cattle died in this area on the way west.  There is also 953 gravesites of those pioneers who died in this area.
On our second day here we drove north to the Paiute Indian Reservation to see one of the most beautiful lakes in the U.S., Pyramid Lake.  It is an oasis in the middle of the high desert.  There is nothing but scrub for a hundred miles and all of a sudden, you see Pyramid Lake, so called for the rock, shaped like a pyramid, out in the water.  The lake is the most beautiful shade of blue.  (click on the 2nd picture to see the pyramid) We had a picnic and also visited the Paiute Indians historical center, which was filled with Indian memorabilia.  We saw pictures of giant Cuthroat trout, some of the largest in the world are caught here. On the way back we passed by the Bureau of Land Management's Wild Horse corrals.  We saw several hundred horses that are up for adoption.

Debbie enjoying lunch overlooking Pyramid Lake


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