Thursday, August 25, 2011

Jelly Belly factory - Fairfield, California

Today we went to Fairfield to tour the Jelly Belly factory. Of course, we could not take any pictures while on the tour. The tour was interesting and at the end they gave us a little bag of Jelly Belly jelly beans. Then you can go to the factory store and taste any flavor you want. Just ask and they will give you 1 jelly bean to try. They sell about 300 different packages of jelly beans. They also make many other candies, including a whole line of gummy products, fudge, chocolate bars and chocolate covered products, including fine boxed chocolates. They also make gel products like orange slices, gum drops, etc. They are also the original maker of candy corn, that Halloween favorite, made by the original owners, the Goelitz Candy Co. Who knew that they made so many products?   Between Lodi and Fairfield is Rio Vista, which has a tremendously large wind generating area.  There must be several hundred wind generating wind turbines in that area.   As far as you can see, they are spinning in the wind.

Orange Jelly Belly
Cherry Jelly Belly

Debbie & Mr. Candy Corn
My favorite Jelly Belly



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