Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Zion National Park, Springdale, Utah

We arrived in southern Utah yesterday and had a tight time getting in the sight.  We clipped the rear corner of the RV roof and made a small scratch in the roof.  We spent the late afternoon doing a temporary patch.  Today we went into the park.  It was a nice sunny, unbelievably clear morning, but turned to overcast and light showers around noon.  What a difference between the morning and the afternoon.  We took a mile trail the Virgin River and one to a viewpoint of the 3 Patriarchs.  We took the tram to several places and spent time at the Zion Historical Museum.  There we heard a talk about the local animals and reptiles and a 22 minute movie about the beginnings of Zion. Our last hike was up a strenuous trail to Weeping Rock, a waterfall that runs year round.  We got pretty wet from the rain on the way back down.

Zion National Park
The colors are magnificent
We walked along the Virgin River
What a beautiful day, but the clouds are building
The weather is starting to turn and I think its going to rain!
                                                                                    Strolling along the Virgin River    
                                                                  We made it to the top of the Weeping Rock trail  

Today is a lot warmer and hazy.  We had to go into St. George, Utah to buy a patch and some caulking to fix the 10 inch rip in the corner of our roof.  We hit a branch coming into this RV park 2 days ago. On the way back we got some good long range photos.
Majestic mountains
Flat topped mesas
Unique features and colors

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