Sunday, May 11, 2014

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

We are at Ruby's Inn & Campground in Bryce Canyon, Utah for three days, maybe more, depending on the weather.  We are here to see beautiful Bryce Canyon.  On the first day we set up camp in the early afternoon and went to the Inn to have a late lunch.  We then went swimming in the pool and enjoyed the hot Jacuzzi.  We relaxed and rested up for our hikes on day two.  It is 8300 feet here and the stress of walking uphill really tests your lungs.  We have to slow down, take breaks often and don't rush the hike. Bryce Canyon is beautiful, and many say that it is the most beautiful national park.  We had a fun day seeing the park.  Day three, Mother's Day, and we woke up to snow.  This is the first time our RV has seen snow.  It is 8 am Mountain time and we have 3 inches and it is still snowing.  We went next door to the store and to fill up on diesel, before leaving tomorrow.(we hope)  If we have to stay here another day, that will be okay.  Last night we went to Ebeneezer's Barn and Grill for a night of cowboy food and entertainment. Debbie had salmon, while I had pulled pork.  It was accompanied with taters, cowboy beans, cole slaw, rolls, iced brownies and beverages.  We were seated with newlyweds from Genoa, Italy, Sabarina and Guiliano. We had great conversations about there wedding (we got to see some of the pictures) and their honeymoon itinerary.  They choose Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Las Vegas, and San Francisco for their 3 week honeymoon and first visit to the USA.  Guiliano spoke some English and he translated for Sabarina. We had a great evening with them.  Good food, great company, and fine entertainment.
The tall remnants from erosion are called Hoodoos.

A very beautiful landscape
Debbie atop the canyon
The walls around the outer walls show the erosion too.
You can venture down into the caverns
Debbie at the Bryce Museum  with a prehistoric giant gator found here.
Time for dinner
Great entertainment
Italian Newlyweds Sabarina and Guiliano
Surprise!  Day 3 and it is snowing
We won't be eating at the picnic table today!
Debbie appears to be enjoying the snow
Time to pump the diesel!


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