Friday, May 9, 2014

Kodachrome State Park, Tropic, Utah

We left Zion today and drove 125 miles to our next stop.  As you can see below, we don't have 55 mph signs here in Utah.  We could fly at 80!
We are at Ruby's Inn and Campground, in Bryce Canyon, Utah.  After checking in and setting up, we took a ride to Kodachrome State Park, 26 miles away.  On the way we saw our first "hoodoos" and upon arrival at the park we got to see some very different formations.  When we got back to the Inn, Deb took a dip in the indoor pool, then joined me in the hot tub.

Our campsite

Deb at the beginning of the trail to get close up to more formations
Very cool formations
This house has great views, but Debbie was not interested in a project
Deb  on the way back from a spire
Nice formation!
Just another great spire in Kodachrome
The sign on the old gas station says "Too Pooped to Pump."
You can't tell it, but I'm pooped too!

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