Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Page, Arizona

We are in Page, Arizona at Lake Powell, Part of the Glen Canyon Dam area.  There is plenty to see here, and we are getting in our hikes.  We walked .75 miles each way to Horseshoe Bend and 1.5 miles each way to Rainbow Bridge.  Lake Powell is very low, the lowest ever, due to the drought in the southwest.  Most of the thousands of houseboats in the area are in dry storage or sitting in storage lots all around town.  An investment going nowhere!  The water behind the dam looks to be 50-70 feet below the top of the dam.  This is not good for tourism. recreation, and making electric power. 
Our favorite trip is Antelope Slot Canyon.  The canyon visit was great, and we got lot of photos.  Our guide was a native Navajo, Vivian.  We drove on rough sandy roads four miles to the slot canyon, walked through it and back, about half a mile.  It took 3 hours.
The entrance to Antelope Slot Canyon
They call this formation "The Wave"
Sunlight shines through
Looking up to see the sunlight
Just unbelievable colors

Deb and I inside the Slot Canyon

Inside the canyon with sunlight from above
The exit from Antelope Slot Canyon
Rainbow Bridge

The hike is 3/4 mile each way

Horseshoe Bend

The Glen Canyon Dam in the distance
Lake Powell is very low
Most of the Houseboats are tied up.  We camped with this view

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