Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tucson, AZ

We are at Far Horizons Trailer Village in Tucson for a week.  We are seeing a bit of the area and spending time in the pool.  The weather is above normal by 10 degrees everyday, so at 74-78 degrees everyday, we are using the heated pool and hot tub.
We also spent 4 days sight seeing.  We have been to Sabino Canyon, Saguaro National Park, Mt. Lemmon and to the Mission Xavier Del Bac.  The day we went up 8,400 feet to the top of Mt. Lemmon, it was 74 degrees at the start up and 48 degrees at the top.  There was still snow on the ski slopes, but nobody was skiing. Tucson is very scenic and we are enjoying our stay.
Yes, its January and Debbie has one of her new swimsuits on.
I'm enjoying the pool, its about 90 degrees.
Beautiful Saguaro ( Sa-War-Oh) cactus
Debbie with a Staghorn Cholla
Debbie with a Teddy Bear Cholla
A Fish-Hook barrel Cactus
About half way up Mt. Lemmon
Strange rock formations on the way up Mt. Lemmon
Debbie atop Mt. Lemmon, snow, no skiers & 48 degrees
Smile Deb, we're heading into the canyon!  The walk will do you good!
See, she made it to the top
See the rock on the right, he seems to be winking at you.
I made it too!
This is gorgeous country.
Completed in 1797, the mission is in great shape
Next door at a place just for lighting a candle and saying a prayer.
We could not take photos inside the mission, as baptisms were being performed.


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