Friday, January 3, 2014

Lambert's Restaurant, Foley, Alabama

We are heading west to Arizona and stopped by one of our favorite restaurants in Foley, Alabama.  We are in Robertsdale at Azalea Acres for a few days.  Lamberts is the home of "throwed rolls."Want a roll, just raise your hand and they will throw you one.  I know, its a tourist thing, and kids can't get enough of the place.  Either can we!   Check out ............

Vince ate: Hamburger steak
                 Baked beans
                 Cole slaw
                 Macaroni & tomatoes
                 Fried Okra
                 Jumbo Lemonade

Debbie ate:   Ham steak
                     Pineapple Slices
                     Apple sauce
                     Cole slaw
                     Boiled cabbage
                     Macaroni & tomatoes
                     Fried Potatoes with onions
                     Black Eye Peas
                     Fried Okra
                     Jumbo Iced Tea

Debbie was hungry!

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