Tuesday, January 7, 2014

San Antonio, Texas

     This is our second trip to San Antonio.  We like the city center, Riverwalk, and the varied restaurants.  We are staying at Stone Creek RV Park in Schertz, just north of San Antonio. 
The first day we just relaxed, but on the second day we went back to the San Antonio Shoe factory and store as we do each visit.  This is a place to see.  Not only can you tour the factory, but the store is a marvel.  Besides hundreds of styles of quality shoes (the only shoes Debbie will wear) the have everything from socks, shoe cleaning products, a store of amazing things.  There are numerous antique cars inside, all look like new.  They have an ice cream counter, free popcorn, 5 cent coffee, clothing, greeting cards, and beautiful household items and decorations.
Debbie purchased two pair of shoes, new sandals, new black slip-ons, a new black sweater and some shoe cleaners and leather softener. 
     We then went to lunch at Guenther House Restaurant, a beautiful stone house, turned into a restaurant, gift shop, and museum. The restaurant is next door to the Pioneer Flour company and this was the owner's home.  It is on the register of national treasures. We had a great lunch, we both had the Cheddar BLT and I had the Poblano corn chowder.  It was delicious and all the rolls and bread are made with the wheat flour milled next door.  The house is beautifully decorated and some of the decorations are super. We especially liked the Japanese Dragon lighting.
     On day 3 we took a 2 hour tour of the Toyota truck plant in San Antonio.  The make Tundra and Tacoma pick-up trucks here.  But, no photos allowed, so I can't share that with you.  I can tell you this:

Trucks produced per year here           200,000
Toyota Employees                                 2,919
30 vendor employees                             2,800
Plant size (million square feet)              4.075
Tons of U.S. made steel used a year  170,000
Shifts                                                             2

Guenther House Restaurant
The entrance to the restaurants courtyard
The room we were in was very nice
Beautiful Japanese lighting
Debbie in the Guenther House
A real and beautiful Gingerbread house made at the Guenther House
The Pioneer Flour mill next door, looks like a castle.

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