Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas and a look back on 2013

We are in our final week in Florida.  With 2013 coming to an end, we look back on a very odd and unexpected year.  Debbie had both hips repaired, I had neck issues that are not currently serious but unrepairable at this time.  We learned a lot about the ranch, where we stayed while Debbie recuperated. We learned a lot about the animals and got to interact with so many of them.  We've had a great time with Ernie, Kim, Jessie, and occasionally with Amy, Tiffany, Gabe, and Zack.  We experienced the birth of geese, calves, pigs, and sheep, and experienced the loss of baby geese and sheep, as well as a donkey, little Delilah.
Christmas was held at the new house that was acquired this year, next door to the original ranch.  It centered around Zakkary, who will be three years old on January 15th.  We had a great time and a great dinner, including prime rib, turkey, and ham.
Now it's 2014 and it is back on the road, heading west this year, starting with 75 days in the Mesa/ Phoenix area. This year will include vacations to Hawaii, Las Vegas, and Alaska without the RV.  But with the RV we will visit all of the National Parks in Utah, one stop in Colorado, on our way to three western towns in Wyoming (Laramie, Cheyenne, and Sheridan) and a few stops in Montana.  We will spend more time in Washington state, and head south to Palm Springs to visit the newlyweds, John & Gerry (Debbie's cousin.) We got to spend time with them in 2011-2012 and can't wait to see them again. Then back to Mesa for a stop at the VA in Phoenix and we head back slowly to Florida for the winter.
Tons of gifts around the tree  

Zakkary opens a gift with Gabe (Dad) and Tiffany (Mom)
Debbie got a card for Dunkin Donuts
Ernie got a Harley shirt
Kim got some glasses that you freeze for cold drinks
Zakkary got his own four-wheeler and helmet
                                                                         See Zakkary learn to drive his four wheeler


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